Now that the weather is getting chillier and wetter, it’s time to get rolling on the 2018 breeding season! Alice (female Het Clown) is up to breeding weight and will be paired up with Petrie (male Pastel Het Clown) soon. We’re hoping for a pastel clown from the clutch! Buttercup (male Albino Lavender) and Mrs. Bucket (female Het Albino Lavender) will be paired up, and we’re monitoring Nuala (female Mojave) and Ducky (female Pied) closely to see if they will be back up to weight after having a clutches in 2017.

Meanwhile, Exotic Serpents have reported that they’ve seen courting behaviour from both Hades and Zeus who are currently being bred to their female boas!


Our other future projects are listed on our Upcoming Morphs section.