Available Ball Pythons

All of our available ball pythons are listed below. We promise there are no snakes hiding in our shelves that we forgot about, so if you want to know what we currently have, look no farther than what’s listed below! If you are interested in any of the babies below, please view our Policies page to read our selling, shipping, and hold terms.

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ImageMorphSexDate Of BirthPriceNotes
Black Pastel PiedMale24/11/2020$700

This boy is a great eater! This juvenile would be best for an experienced snake owner, but if you’re a beginner and don’t mind that he’s a bit of a grump, that’s fine too! He settles down once he is outside his enclosure, but needs some care when taking him from his enclosure.

Highway (Yellow Belly Gravel)Female27/06/2021$500

Eating great on F/T hopper mice!

Yellow BellyFemale15/09/2022$150

This baby is eating great on F/T wean mice! 210g as of Nov 1, 2022

Pastel YellowbellyFemale15/09/2021$200

Eating great on F/T wean mice. 110g on Nov 1, 2022. A must-have morph for ball python breeders or a gorgeous yellow snake for pet!

Pastel het Clown (Proven Breeder)Male02/10/2015$150

Proven breeder! Father to a clutch of clown babies. Great personality and an excellent eater! 1241g

The mother of the clutch he fathered is a het Clown, and is also available. They can be purchased as a pair for $250. A great opportunity for a beginner ball python breeder to hatch Clowns!

He may not weigh above average, but he’s very long! So he does not fit in a Vivarium Electronics PVC VE-6 adult male ball python rack.

Pied (Proven breeder)Male$450

Purchased as proven breeder, though hasn’t had the opportunity to sire a clutch yet with us. He is a big boy who loves food and is a total sweetheart. While he is a proven breeder, he would also make an amazing pet! He is a big sweetie. His colouration is incredibly unique, with half his body being white with a couple black freckles, and half being coloured! 1453g

He is a very large male, so he does not fit in a Vivarium Electronics PVC VE-6 adult male ball python rack.

Highway (Gravel Yellow Belly)Male13/06/2022$400

Breeding size male. Great chance to start trying to make Gravels right away! He would also make an excellent pet for all ages! He has beautiful, unique creamy colours, and a great, outgoing personality! 804g

Coral Glow het Pied (Proven Breeder)Male08/09/2015$400

A sweet boy and one of the ones we usually let children handle when they are meeting a ball python for the first time! This proven breeder has also sired a few beautiful clutches for us! 1304g

Red Stripe Clown (Magma)Female01/01/2020$1,750

This beautiful girl was produced by Ballistic Pythons and could unlock many exciting potential combos. She is halfway to breeding size! 812g

Fire Woma het Hypo (Proven Breeder)Female01/01/2017$350

Proven breeder! Originally acquired from Ballistic Pythons. This big girl is a great eater and reliable breeder who makes gorgeous babies. 2310g

Pastel Yellowbelly (Proven Breeder)Female01/06/2017$200

An incredibly beautiful yellow girl who would make an amazing pet or excellent breeder! This proven breeder was the mother to a large, healthy clutch. She has a calm temperament and is easy to handle. 1429g

Firefly (Fire Pastel) (Proven Breeder)Male14/09/2012$175

This beautiful boy would make a great pet for children or beginners. He is very easy to handle and gentle. He is also a proven breeder (and a reliable one at that!). 1309g


One of the most beautiful ball pythons in our collection. This 100% Sunset is a newer morph and very rare- we aren’t sure how many are in Canada, but it isn’t many! This is the key to producing het Sunsets and creating new combinations of this exciting gene. 871g

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Where can I see regular updates about your snakes and ball python breeding projects?

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