One Pastel baby is available. Perfect for a basic pet ball python!

Pastel and normal baby ball pythons for sale in Canada

We finally have babies that are perfect for people who have been waiting for basic morphs for a pet ball python! As always, our mailing list found out about the clutch as soon as they hatched, and most were snatched up right away! There is only one Pastel (who is also 66% het Clown) remaining from the clutch. They are now on our available ball pythons page, as well as one 2019 Blue Eyed Leucistic female who has yet to be spoken for.

The 2019 season isn’t over yet though! We still have one more clutch in the incubator. Freyja, our Fire Woma het Hypo, laid nine eggs last month, and they are due to hatch shortly before New Year. She was paired with Apollo, our Coral Glow het Pied, and MC Hisser, our Firefly. Pairing for next year’s babies is also well underway! If you’d like to see what morphs we’re breeding, check out our upcoming morphs page.


Some good news and some sad news

Freyja, our Fire Woma het Hypo, laid eight massive eggs a few days ago! She was paired with a Coral Glow and a Firefly, and either way, we are excited to see what ball python morphs are in those eggs!! We are also expecting Alice’s eggs to hatch in approximately 2 weeks. Alice is a het Clown and was paired with a Clown and a Pastel het Clown. That being said, our usual excitement for new babies has been tempered by some recent sad news…

Breeding ball pythons is normally full of excitement and happiness, but every once and awhile, something heartbreaking happens that reminds you of how delicate and unpredictable life can be. Our Champagne clutch that was dual sired between a Black Pastel and Coral Glow clutch has hatched. It appears that our Black Pastel, Vader, was the father, but unfortunately, most of the babies were mildly to severely deformed, and several did not make it out of their eggs. After a couple weeks observation and thorough examination, four of the babies needed to be euthanized. Needless to say, it was an extremely sad day over here and many tears were shed.

One of the babies appears perfectly healthy and normal, and we have high hopes that he will grow and develop regularly. Two others with mild deformities may be able to make it, so we’ll be hoping with all our might that they will accept food and be able to eat on their own. We cannot in good conscience end the life of an animal who can potentially live a healthy, normal life, though no matter what, any babies from this clutch who make it will be sold as pets only. Our hope is that our next news update will contain good news about these little ones!

New ball python eggs & Lavender Albino update

A new clutch of eggs was laid today! Alice, gave us a clutch with eight eggs total, though five were slugs and one of the good eggs has weak veins. We actually weren’t expecting her to go (she was paired earlier in the season, but as both males had gone off food in late spring, she hadn’t been paired recently) so we’re considering the two good eggs and one questionable egg a bonus! Especially as she never lost her appetite so is only 150g smaller than her weight at start of pairing last year. Alice is one of the first girls we got and is a big ‘ol het Clown. She was paired with Hartfors (Clown) and Petrie (Pastel het Clown) so our fingers are crossed for at least one visual clown ball python from the clutch.

And in fantastic news… Our little Lavender Albino baby, whose aversion to food has been the subject of a few previous news updates, has finally started eating F/T on his own! In an adorable coincidence, someone put a hold on him literally the day before he started eating, so we joked that he was just holding out until he knew he had a home to go to.

Our Fire Woma het Hypo also had a CRAZY ovulation a couple weeks ago! If you have ever wondered what a ball python ovulation looks like, check out the highlight category called Upcoming on our Instagram profile. Picture of her building and soaking lead up to the craziest ovulation we’ve ever seen!

New clutch laid & BEL update

A nice, big clutch of 9 eggs has been laid by Chantel, our Champagne. The clutch is dual sired with a Black Pastel and Coral Glow, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of the eggs in 2 months! Lots of people have been asking about Pied ball pythons, so keep this clutch on your radar. Black Pastel Champagne shares some visual similarities with Piebald (usually having a white ringer around the tail) though genetically, is an entirely different morph!

Champagne ball python on eggs

Our Blue Eyed Leucistic x Mojave clutch is now all out of the egg! All have been spoken for: The three BELs have holds (and a waitlist if a hold falls through) and the one Mojave will be a holdback! We’ve posted photos of the BELs on our instagram and will put them up as holds on this website when they’ve been sexed and photographed.

And alas, we were hoping that this year would be the first time we could attend the Western Canadian Reptile Expo in Red Deer, Alberta, but we are in the same position we were in last year at this time: sold out of ball pythons!! It’s a nice problem to have, but we hope that won’t be an issue for much longer. We got a great new incubator from Cornel’s World in Calgary, Alberta, so we can now plan for at least ten clutches a year. As always, we are so grateful for all the support and interest we’ve received from ball python enthusiasts across Canada!

New clutch just hatched and more eggs on the way!

We got home last weekend from our trip to Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, just in time for our latest clutch of eggs to hatch! This one is a clutch containing a very popular morph (and if you’re into ball pythons, we’re sure you can guess what it is… rhymes with True Spied Juicy!) so before the new babies are on our website, we’ll be notifying our general mailing list and notification list about them. Our mailing list and notification list always hear about new ball pythons first (and thus get first crack at them!) so if there’s a morph you’re interested in, we invite you to sign up!

In other news, our little Lavender Albino baby still isn’t taking food on their own. We’ll never give up on any of our animals though, so we’ve continued the routine of assist feeding (putting a F/T mouse into his mouth and allowing him to swallow) and once a month offering a live mouse. He is slowly putting on weight and is otherwise a great little guy. Many folks at were very helpful and encouraging when we felt down and worried about him. One person even said they have had had snakes take a year to eat on their own, so to keep at it! It was very reassuring to hear. If you ever have questions or would like feedback from a group of experienced people about anything related to ball pythons, their forum is an excellent resource.

We also have more eggs due to be laid soon! Fingers crossed that this time next week, when we post the new babies, we’ll also be announcing the arrival of a new clutch!