2022 Breeding Season

We’ve had a late start to the season because of some family matters that have taken up a lot of our time and attention, but we have updated our pairings list for the next season! 2022 will likely be a small year in terms of available babies, but we are excited about the potential in what we might hatch! It will be the start of two new projects for us that we are very excited about, and of course, many babies from these pairings will be perfect for people looking for pet ball pythons!

In news that some might find disappointing, this may be year two without us breeding BEL (blue eyed leucistic). Nuala, the mom of our BEL ball python babies, had the year off last year because we like to give our females a year off if they have consistently laid eggs a few years in a row. But she recently injured herself while eating (we feed F/T, but she missed and hit her mouth on the edge of her water dish!) so we are playing it safe and not breeding her again this year.

2021 Season in Full Swing

The first ball python eggs of the 2021 season have arrived, and the clutch has so many possible morph combinations! Lately, many people have been getting in touch asking when we’ll have more ball pythons available, and we can now say that more will be available in mid-May! All of the babies from this clutch which will be great for people looking for a pet ball python, and potentially even a few multi-gene animals that will be handy for ball python breeders!

And we’re feeling really positive lately because of news of some of our family members getting their vaccines! It isn’t sounding like we will have any Reptile Expos this year in BC, but we’re on track for some normalcy to return in 2022! Can’t wait! Hope you all have been keeping safe and healthy!!

New Babies Are Available!

After many years, we finally hatched a Black Pastel Albino! We have dreamed about hatching one of these guys since we started breeding ball pythons, so it feels amazing to finally see one in person. We unfortunately only hatched one though, and he’s a boy, so we’re going to have to try again for hatching a female!

There are six other babies in the clutch, and one of them is an outstanding black pastel. Possibly the nicest example of a black pastel we’ve ever hatched! We wish we could keep him, but we don’t have the room, so he has been made available. If you’re a beginner ball python breeder, he would be an incredible addition to your collection.

Two New Dream Morph Arrivals: Magma (Red Stripe Clown) and Sunset Ball Pythons

This week, we received not one, but TWO dream snakes in the mail! Thank you to Patrick of MacKnight Stables and Jhun of Ballistic Pythons, the two incredible breeders we purchased these snakes from. We shot unboxing videos of both and put them up on our YouTube channel to share our excitement at receiving these two beautiful baby ball pythos.

The first snake who arrived is a Magma ball python, aka: a Red Stripe Clown, who came from Ballistic Pythons. The second snake is a Sunset, an exciting, rare ball python morph, from MacKnight Stables. We are so excited to expand our Clown projects and to take a leap into the Sunset morph! We’ll be doing update videos very soon with more about them once they’ve settled in, but if you’d like a preview, please take a look at our unboxing videos below!

Summer Recap & Mailing List Reminder

Albino ball python on eggsAugust ended on a high note with Lilith, our Albino female, laying an 8 egg clutch! She was paired with Finn, our Black Pastel het Albino male, so we have high hopes of hatching a few Albino Black Pastel ball pythons! This is a clutch we’ve been working forward to for over 5 years, so we’re super excited for this clutch to hatch in late October.

In mid summer, our most anticipated clutch of the year hatched: The Blue Eyed Leucistic x Mojave clutch! We got three BEL ball pythons, two Lessers, and two Mojaves.

Why did this clutch not appear on our website? Because they all sold out within four hours of it being announced to our mailing list!

New babies are always announced on our mailing list the week before they are announced on social media and made available on our website and Morph Market account. In many cases, the babies sell out to the mailing list before they make it online to the public! If you’re looking for a ball python, we recommend signing up to the mailing list. We only send out messages when we get new babies, and you can unsubscribe at any time! Sign up here!

2020 Reptile Expos

2020/2021 Reptile Expos

Unfortunately all Reptile Expos are cancelled for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19. Stay safe!

We do NOT attend the Vancouver Reptile Expo, only the BC Reptile Club shows.