This week, we received not one, but TWO dream snakes in the mail! Thank you to Patrick of MacKnight Stables and Jhun of Ballistic Pythons, the two incredible breeders we purchased these snakes from. We shot unboxing videos of both and put them up on our YouTube channel to share our excitement at receiving these two beautiful baby ball pythos.

The first snake who arrived is a Magma ball python, aka: a Red Stripe Clown, who came from Ballistic Pythons. The second snake is a Sunset, an exciting, rare ball python morph, from MacKnight Stables. We are so excited to expand our Clown projects and to take a leap into the Sunset morph! We’ll be doing update videos very soon with more about them once they’ve settled in, but if you’d like a preview, please take a look at our unboxing videos below!