Gemini Pythons strives to produce healthy, beautiful ball pythons.

Above all else, our goal is to produce the healthiest ball pythons possible. As part of our dedication to that cause, our breeding collection is the best of the best-purchased from only respected, responsible fellow breeders. Furthermore, the small size of our venture allows us to provide above average care to our snakes and their offspring.

We also recognize that the ongoing health of our ball pythons is dependent upon the knowledge and confidence our buyers have. Because of this, we are more than happy to help with questions about husbandry and ball python care both before and after purchase. We love our animals dearly and want to make sure they thrive in their new homes.

Breeding from the highest quality stock

As part of our commitment to only breeding high quality, healthy animals, we only buy animals from breeders with strong reputations who are passionate about the hobby, not the bottom line. We are a small operation, and this is because we decided to invest in the very best quality ball pythons possible and grow slowly, rather than quickly buying as many snakes as possible for as cheaply as possible. Without exception, all of our stock have been purchased from reputable, respected breeders.

Health and well-being comes first

We don’t sell any of our ball pythons until they are feeding regularly on frozen/thawed mice, have had at least two sheds, and we have observed normal growth and behaviour over their first months. On top of that, we take the time to ensure that anyone we sell to has all their questions answered. Before taking their snake home, our buyers understand how to properly care for these calm, gentle animals. After all, these are live creatures, deserving of our respect and a stress-free, comfortable life.

All available snakes are bred by us

All our snakes are bred, incubated, hatched and prepared for sale by us at our facility. If you take a glance at our availability page or come see us in in person at a show, you might notice we sometimes don’t have many snakes for sale. This is because we do not believe in padding our numbers with snakes purchased from wholesalers. If we happen to have a small season, we just roll with it! We do this to ensure all the snakes we sell meet our husbandry and health standards, and that we can help our clients with complete transparency and honesty.

A Bit More About Us

Gemini Pythons is a Canadian ball python breeder based in North Vancouver, BC. It’s run by Curtis Richter and Rheanna Olson. We have been breeding snakes since 2012 and caring for them since 2009. We ship throughout Canada.

When Curtis’ ex-wife Laura brought home a pastel ball python named Oscar, he wasn’t expecting how much love he’d develop for the breed’s sweet demeanour, or how passionate he would become about their husbandry. Because he wanted to breed ball pythons as responsibly as possible, he sought guidance from David and Norma at Exotic Serpents. They mentored him in proper breeding practices and the importance of selecting quality animals from day one. Sadly, David passed away in 2019, but we are forever grateful to him for the guidance he provided when we were starting out.

Today, Curtis’ girlfriend Rheanna, who originally hailed from Edmonton, Alberta, is a business partner, helping with husbandry as well. She is a lifelong animal lover, and is also one of the founders and board members of Neuterhead: Ace of Spays, a non-profit organization that uses heavy metal to fundraise for local animal rescues. She is also a board member of BC Reptile Club.

Gemini Pythons now has a family of over thirty ball pythons (and growing!) as well as three boas… and also a rescue corgi, a puffy black cat, and a biiiiig manx cat.

“I got my first ever ball python from Gemini Pythons in November of 2018 and it was the best decision I could’ve made while choosing a new pet. 

The breeders were great in the adoption process and still continue to be a great support for me and my snake kid. They are always quick to reply and offer advice. When I had issues with scale rot and then later when my snake wasn’t eating, they helped me to find out what and why everything was happening and what we could do to fix it. 

I knew right away when I was first talking to them about purchasing one of their snakes that they go above and beyond for both their snakes and their customers. They really wanted to make sure their snakes were going to someone who could care for them properly, and were more than happy to help educate! I could tell how much they cared for their animals and that they treat them like family instead of just another piece to add to the collection. Which is definitely something I agree with and value so much! 

They even contacted me after my snake arrived just to make sure he landed safely, which just emphasized their love and affection for their snake kids.

If you’re looking around for a ball python breeder in Canada and want a wonderful, loving, beyond helpful pair of breeders then I would look no further. I recommend them 100% and have no doubts in my mind that any animal you purchase from them would arrive eating regularly and a good weight, friendly, and just overall a good-natured snake that is so full of personality like I know mine to be.

Brenna S., Ontario. @ballpythonmagicka

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our ball pythons! Please get in touch with us through our email form here or DM us on Instagram!