Protecting the Health of Our Snakes

Nothing is more important to us than the health of our snakes, so their well-being is our first consideration before sales.

  • Under no circumstances will we sell a snake that is not feeding regularly or is displaying any abnormal behaviour.
  • Snakes are sold after at least two sheds, and once eating regularly on frozen/thawed mice.
  • Shipping is done at our discretion. We take into consideration the temperatures outside, how long the shipping takes, and the capabilities of the available shipping options to your area. Extreme cold and extreme heat can be dangerous, and some shippers do not have temperature-regulated facilities. If we have a ball python you want but we are unable to find a safe option to get them to you in the current weather, you may put down a deposit or pay for the snake in full, and we will care for them until they can be safely sent to you.
  • We ship same day express whenever possible, and if not, priority overnight. You must be there to accept or pick up your package.
  • We ship using boxes insulated with styrofoam, and either containers or soft cloth sacks, depending on the animal’s size. 48 hour heat packs are used.



We accept etransfer, Paypal, money orders, or cash (in person). You may pay with credit card (including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) via Paypal.


If we have a ball python who is not yet ready to be sold or the temperatures do not allow for us to ship to you, you may pay for a snake in full to place it on hold. If you need more time to make payment, you can also place a hold with a 25% deposit, with the remaining 75% due within four months. Full payment for your snake and shipping is required before an animal is released from our care. While on hold, we will care for and feed your snake with the same meticulous attention and care we give our own scaly family!

Feed for hatchlings and babies is always free. For juveniles and older, if you have paid in full, the first month of feed is on us! An estimate of feed costs can be provided at any time.

Holds are non-refundable, but should you be unable to get your snake, we will retain your deposit as a credit for a period of one year from the time the deposit was received. Sometimes hatchlings take a long time to start eating well on frozen thawed. If you place a deposit or make a full payment for a baby ball python who has trouble getting started on food quickly, if you request to do so, we are happy to cancel the hold after four months, and refund your deposit or payment.

Reservation Holds

Some of our morphs are very highly in demand. If we have a clutch of eggs in the incubator that could potentially yield the genes you’re after, you may send a 25% deposit to guarantee you get first shot at your desired morph. This deposit will be fully and promptly refunded to you should the morph you’re after not be produced, or you may use it as credit towards any other available snake. If the morph you put the deposit on is produced, then you may either pay for the snake in full, or proceed under the terms of a 25% deposit hold (see above for full payment and 25% deposit hold terms).

Shipping and Receiving Your Snake

Whenever possible, we ship your snake to you same day express, or if not available, priority overnight express. Our first consideration with shipping is getting your snake to you as quickly as possible for as little stress on the animal as possible.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid in full before a snake is sent out. We will provide you with a shipping estimate before your purchase. On average, you can expect to pay approximately $150 for shipping a juvenile out within Canada, but of course, this may be more or less depending on your location. Please contact us for a quote.

We will make arrangements with you before shipping to ensure that you will be able to receive your package. We guarantee your snake(s) will arrive in good health, but if for any reason you are unable to receive/pick up your snake(s) when they arrive to their destination, our health guarantee is void.

Shipping is done via the following carriers:

Air Canada Cargo, which services most urban centres across Canada. If you are rural, we are happy to ship to you, but you will need to get to your closest airport to retrieve your snake.

Air North Cargo, which services the Yukon

Harbour Air, which services Vancouver Island, including Nanaimo, Salt Spring Island, Sechelt, Maple Bay, Comox, Tofino

Gulf Island Seaplanes, which services Gabriola Island, Decourcy Island, Thetis Island, and Ruxton Island

Reptile Express is available by request, though they only service some urban areas. We prefer shipping direct via airlines as they offer same day service and more routes. It is also generally more convenient and less stressful to pick up your snake from the airport than wait around all day for a courier.

Shipping to the US is possible, but we’ll be honest and say that the cost isn’t worth it unless we have a morph you really want or are buying multiple animals.

All sales are final

We are unable to take back, refund, or exchange any animal.

Your Privacy

We do not gather personal information from you when you visit our website. Any information you choose to disclose through contacting us or signing up for a morph notification email is kept confidential and is only used to get in touch with you for the intended purpose you submitted it. We do not sell information to a third party.

We use Google Analytics to record the number of visitors on our site, but it does not give us any personal information about you or track you off of our site. It is only used to see how we can better improve our website. We do not use any hidden trackers such as Facebook pixel which will track your activity across multiple websites. We do not use any hidden trackers for marketing purposes.

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