We are proud to offer frozen mice and rats for your ball python (or any other reptile, snake, or exotic pet!) from CTC Predator Feed.  CTC are based on Vancouver Island, and have been raising high quality feeder rodents for over twenty years.

Items we usually have in stock are listed below, but we can also add other sizes of mice and rats to our orders, including ASF, when given some notice. Depending on our stock and when our last order was, we may not be able to accommodate large orders at the last minute, so if you anticipate needing 20 or more feeders, please contact us sooner than later! We do not ship, but you are welcome to come pick up from us in North Vancouver. We are convenient located near the highway around Central Lonsdale.

Frozen Rats

Frozen Medium 85-174 gr $5.75
Frozen Small 45-84 gr $4.75
Frozen Weanling 30-44 gr $4.25

Frozen Mice

Frozen Weanling 13-18 gr $2.50
Frozen Hopper 7-12 gr $2.25

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