We are proud to offer frozen mice and rats for your ball python (or any other reptile, snake, or exotic pet) from CTC Predator Feed.

Some reptile and exotic pet feed we regularly have in stock, and some can be brought in by special order. We do not ship, but you are welcome to come pick up from us in North Vancouver most weekday afternoons or evenings. We are located near the highway around Central Lonsdale.

COVID Update, March 30, 2020: We are still selling feeders! At this time, we are accepting payment by eTransfer only. Only quick pickups are available to maintain social distancing. We apologize we are unable to take time to chat, but we are happy to help you before or after purchase via email if you have any questions.

Frozen Rats

Frozen Medium85-174 gr$5.75
Frozen Small45-84 gr$4.75
Frozen Weanling30-44 gr$4.25

Frozen Mice

Frozen Weanling13-18 gr$2.50
Frozen Hopper7-12 gr$2.25

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The list above features the sizes of mice and rats we typically have in stock. We are also able to order in other sizes of frozen mice and rat feeders, as well as ASF (African Soft Fur rat) for those picky eaters out there!

We can also order an assortment of worms (super, meal, wax and pheonix) and crickets, however all insect orders must be picked up within 24 hours of delivery to us.

About our ball python and reptile food

Our feeders come from CTC Predator Feed. Based on Vancouver Island, they are a family run business who have been raising high quality feeder mice, rats, ASF, insects and more for over twenty years. The quality of their feed is outstanding, and costs less than your average chain pet store’s reptile food. (And if you’ve ever been to a local reptile expo and met them in person, you know they’re all just great people in general!) These are the same feeders we give to our own ball pythons, so we can vouch for their great quality and value!