Currently Pairing

The projects here are currently being paired, with babies expected in spring to summer 2020. If you’d like to be notified when new ball pythons are hatching, we invite you to click here and sign up to our new clutch mailing list.


Lesser x Black Pastel
Potentially yielding…
Black Pastel Lesser
Pairing notes: We expect a lot of beautiful ball pythons who will make great pets from this pairing! it is our third year pairing the female though and she hasn’t laid yet, so we’re hopeful this will be her year.

Pied x Pastel Orange Ghost het Pied
Potentially yielding…
Pastel Pied het Orange Ghost
Pied het Orange Ghost
Pastel het Orange Ghost

Enchi Pastel Mojave x Sunset
Potentially yielding…
All combinations of Enchi Pastel Mojave, and all of them het Sunset!
Pairing notes: The start of our Sunset project. Finally! We will not be keeping all these babies, so If you are interested in getting into the Sunset project, these hets are your way to get your foot in the door.

Lesser het Genetic Stripe x Phantom
Potentially yielding…
Karma (Blue Eyed Leucistic)
plus single genes
Pairing notes: The female was sold to us as a Lesser, but we think she may have been incorrectly identified and is actually a Mojave

Gravel x Clown
Potentially yielding…
Gravel het Clown
Pairing notes: We are very excited about this project! It will be the basis of future Gravel Clown combination clutches. Gravels aren’t very common, and there are incredible things to be done with Gravel and Clown combos!

We also anticipate Normal/Wild Type ball pythons from these clutches. If you are in Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley (or are from BC and will be in the area!) we will have many snakes for sale that are perfect pets for first time ball python owners. Learn more here.