Currently in the Incubator

Yellow Belly OR Gravel x Yellow Belly OR Gravel
6 eggs. Approximate hatch time in mid June

Potentially yielding…
Super Gravel
Highway (Gravel Yellow Belly)
Ivory (Super Yellow Belly)
Yellow Belly
Yellow Belly OR Gravel

Mojave x Blue Eyed Leucistic (Lesser Mojave)
7 eggs. Approximate hatch time in mid July

Potentially yielding…
Blue Eyed Leucistic (Lesser Mojave)
Super Mojave (Blue Eyed Leucistic with purple-grey face)

Breeder’s Genetic Notes:
Last year when we paired these parents, we got an insane looking Mojave baby in the clutch who we held back. Her markings look more like a two of three gene ball python with Leopard in it… which we don’t even have in our collection! We’re curious if we will see anything else interesting in this clutch!

Currently Pairing

The projects here are currently being paired, with babies expected in spring to summer 2020. If you’d like to be notified when new ball pythons are hatching, we invite you to click here and sign up to our new clutch mailing list.


Mojave OR Lesser het Genetic Stripe x Phantom
Potentially yielding…
Karma (Lesser Phantom)
Purple Passion (Mojave Phantom)
plus single genes
Pairing notes:  The female, Priscilla, was sold to us as a Lesser, but as she’s aged she’s looking more like a Mojave. Looking forward to proving her out! She’s currently cool seeking and pounding back rats. We’ve seen many, many locks from her and Vincent.

Lesser x Black Pastel
Potentially yielding…
Black Pastel Lesser
Black Pastel
Pairing notes: Two of our favourite morphs! This pairing certainly isn’t groundbreaking, but we’ve always wanted to hatch one of these combos and are very excited about it. Single gene Black Pastels and Lesser are beautiful morphs for a pet ball python as well.

het Lavender Albino x Lavender Albino
Potentially yielding…
Lavender Albino
plus het Lavender Albino
Pairing notes: Mrs. Bucket, the female, is THE largest girl in our collection, so we are hoping for a nice big clutch from her! Her and Buttercup, the male, are excellent breeders (if not a little gross. They make the worst messes!!) and she is building well, so things are looking good!

Champagne x Firefly (Pastel Fire)
Potentially yielding…
Firefly Champagne
Champagne Fire
Champagne Pastel
Firefly (Fire Pastel)
plus single genes
Pairing notes: We’ve seen many locks and Chantel is glowing and large. Firefly Champagne are gorgeous snakes so we are crossing our fingers we hit that combo.

Pied x Black Pastel het Pied
Pied x Coral Glow het Pied

Potentially yielding…
Coral Glow Pied
Black Pastel Pied
Pairing notes: Our Pied girl Ducky seems to prefer our Coral Glow het Pied male, Apollo, so he will be the most likely sire! Ducky isn’t always a reliable breeder and seems to do one year on, one year off. We are hoping she will go this year as she didn’t last year. Fingers crossed!

Albino x Black Pastel het Albino
Potentially yielding…
Black Pastel Albino
Black Pastel het Albino
Pairing notes: This is Finn, the male’s, first season. It took him awhile to figure out his, umm, role in breeding, but he got there eventually! Lilith has been building and is looking very large.

Enchi Pastave x Pastel het Clown
Potentially yielding…
Super Pastel combos, all 50% het Clown
Pairing notes: This clutch has great potential for babies who are excellent morphs for people looking for a pet ball python. We are expecting Empress to lay near the end of May!

We also anticipate Normal/Wild Type ball pythons from these clutches. If you are in Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley (or are from BC and will be in the area!) we will have many snakes for sale that are perfect pets for first time ball python owners. Learn more here.