The first clutch of 2020 has been laid!

Life is still a bit crazy due to COVID, but there are still some normal things happening… Like ball pythons laying eggs in spring! Our first clutch has been laid, and we are so beyond stoked because this has been a highly anticipated batch of eggs. Ariamis, our Yellow Belly/Gravel, just laid six perfect eggs. She was paired with King Stumpington, who is also a Yellow Belly/Gravel.

We’re always excited to get eggs, but this one is something special since the results of the clutch may help us figure out if they are Yellow Belly or Gravel*. If we hatch some Ivories (Super Yellow Belly) we know they’re Yellow Belly, and if we hatch from Super Gravels, then they’re both Gravel.

If they’re both different morphs, we won’t be able to figure out their genetics, but we wouldn’t even be disappointed! If they are both different, it means we’d be hatching out Highway ball pythons, which are an incredibly striking, unique morph. We will also still have another shot at proving out King Stumpington next year, as we have Serafina, a Pastel Yellow Belly/Gravel, who will be up to size by next season!

*Yellow Belly and Gravel ball pythons are visually indistinguishable. Even the most experienced breeders can’t tell them apart! Why are they considered different morphs then? Because when bred together, either in their super form or as co-dom morphs, they produce babies that are very different in terms of looks!

Ariamis coiled around her eggs. There are six under her!

COVID Update: Shipping Pause and No Spring Expo

As with so many things in life right now, COVID has affected even our small reptile community here in Vancouver. The BC Reptile Club Spring Expo has been cancelled, so the Fall Expo will likely be the only reptile expo we are able to vend at this year. For the time being, we have also stopped shipping in order to avoid the airport and taking public transit (fun fact: neither of us drive!).  Like everyone else, we’re hoping this will resolve quickly and life will get back to normal soon! Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy!

Early Spring Update

Our 2020 ball python breeding season is in full swing! We’re already seeing clear signs that two females will be laying in the next few months. The big news is that one of these potentially contains everyone’s favourite Blue Eyed Leucistic ball python. The second is proving out Yellow Belly or Gravel in two of our snakes, so we’ll be seeing some Ivories, Super Gravels, or Freeway babies from that clutch. We have a second female who is Pastel Yellowbelly or Gravel we need to prove out, and she just got up to size. We aren’t sure if she will go this year since it is getting late in the season, but we’ll be beginning to pair her soon in hopes that she will! You can see a full list of our current pairings here.

If you want to keep up to date, we encourage you to sign up to our mailing list. The list is always the first to know about new clutches, meaning they get the first chance to place holds on new babies!

New clutch is here, with possible world’s first!

Freyja (Fire Woma het Hypo) and Apollo (Coral Glow het Pied)’s eggs have hatched, and the results are what we hoped for! Among the babies are two Coral Glow Fire Womas, which as far as we know, are the first ball pythons with that combination of genes. One of them is a hold back and is staying with us, but one is available!

The clutch results are as follows. All of these babies are now listed on our available ball pythons page with gender and pricing. All are 50% het Hypo and Pied:
2 Coral Glow Fire Woma (1 being held back)
1 Coral Glow Woma
1 Coral Glow Fire
1 Fire
1 Woma

This clutch hatched on December 21st, and was a great way to end 2019! We hope you had great holidays and a happy new year!

Left is the Coral Glow Woma, and right is one of the Coral Glow Fire Womas. Aside from Fire having a lighter colouration, another difference between the two babies after their first shed is that the Coral Glow Woma has a yellow belly, and the Fire has a white belly.

One Pastel baby is available. Perfect for a basic pet ball python!

Pastel and normal baby ball pythons for sale in Canada

We finally have babies that are perfect for people who have been waiting for basic morphs for a pet ball python! As always, our mailing list found out about the clutch as soon as they hatched, and most were snatched up right away! There is only one Pastel (who is also 66% het Clown) remaining from the clutch. They are now on our available ball pythons page, as well as one 2019 Blue Eyed Leucistic female who has yet to be spoken for.

The 2019 season isn’t over yet though! We still have one more clutch in the incubator. Freyja, our Fire Woma het Hypo, laid nine eggs last month, and they are due to hatch shortly before New Year. She was paired with Apollo, our Coral Glow het Pied, and MC Hisser, our Firefly. Pairing for next year’s babies is also well underway! If you’d like to see what morphs we’re breeding, check out our upcoming morphs page.


2020 Reptile Expos

2020/2021 Reptile Expos

Unfortunately all Reptile Expos are cancelled for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19. Stay safe!

We do NOT attend the Vancouver Reptile Expo, only the BC Reptile Club shows.