Life is still a bit crazy due to COVID, but there are still some normal things happening… Like ball pythons laying eggs in spring! Our first clutch has been laid, and we are so beyond stoked because this has been a highly anticipated batch of eggs. Ariamis, our Yellow Belly/Gravel, just laid six perfect eggs. She was paired with King Stumpington, who is also a Yellow Belly/Gravel.

We’re always excited to get eggs, but this one is something special since the results of the clutch may help us figure out if they are Yellow Belly or Gravel*. If we hatch some Ivories (Super Yellow Belly) we know they’re Yellow Belly, and if we hatch from Super Gravels, then they’re both Gravel.

If they’re both different morphs, we won’t be able to figure out their genetics, but we wouldn’t even be disappointed! If they are both different, it means we’d be hatching out Highway ball pythons, which are an incredibly striking, unique morph. We will also still have another shot at proving out King Stumpington next year, as we have Serafina, a Pastel Yellow Belly/Gravel, who will be up to size by next season!

*Yellow Belly and Gravel ball pythons are visually indistinguishable. Even the most experienced breeders can’t tell them apart! Why are they considered different morphs then? Because when bred together, either in their super form or as co-dom morphs, they produce babies that are very different in terms of looks!

Ariamis coiled around her eggs. There are six under her!