We’re excited to share our first foray into YouTube! Click on read more (below) to view our in-depth look at the Coral Glow Fire Woma clutch. Thank you so much to everyone who has subscribed, liked, and commented. We really put our hearts into this and are so happy people have liked the video!

Our Blue Eyed Leucistic clutch has also been laid! Nuala, our Mojave, laid seven big, healthy eggs yesterday! The father, Ansel, is a BEL, so we have a 50/50 chance at BEL babies. Three of the BELs have pre-hatch deposits already, so depending on what hatches, all of them may already be spoken for. We like to give our girls breaks from breeding so Nuala will be off next season, but we have other girls up to size who are ready to fill in. We may try to breed two BEL clutches as we can’t seem to keep them coming fast enough!

We have more clutches being laid late this month and early next month, and our first clutch of 2020 is hatching in approximately a month!