We’ve had a late start to the season because of some family matters that have taken up a lot of our time and attention, but we have updated our pairings list for the next season! 2022 will likely be a small year in terms of available babies, but we are excited about the potential in what we might hatch! It will be the start of two new projects for us that we are very excited about, and of course, many babies from these pairings will be perfect for people looking for pet ball pythons!

In news that some might find disappointing, this may be year two without us breeding BEL (blue eyed leucistic). Nuala, the mom of our BEL ball python babies, had the year off last year because we like to give our females a year off if they have consistently laid eggs a few years in a row. But she recently injured herself while eating (we feed F/T, but she missed and hit her mouth on the edge of her water dish!) so we are playing it safe and not breeding her again this year.