Just a few days ago was the BC Reptile Club Spring 2018 Expo in Abbotsford. We weren’t entirely sure about vending (more on that below!) but we’re glad we did as we got to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and it was the best attended show yet! We also fell in love with two ball pythons at Exotic Serpents‘ table, who ended up coming home with us.

Our female Mojave, the last baby from our 2017 Blue Eyed Leucistic x Mojave clutch, found a home with a fantastic young reptile enthusiast. She is a special girl to us because she was hard to get eating and needed a lot of extra love and attention. While it was hard to say goodbye to her, we’re happy she’s gone to such a great family!

While we did say goodbye to our Mojave baby, we also welcomed two new ball pythons to our flock! Exotic Serpents were selling a male Phantom and a female Lesser het. Genetic Stripe, both of which came home with us. Both are in shed (‘We have to get them! They look so miserable being at the show while shedding!’), so stay tuned! We’ll be posting photos of them as soon as they have settled in and finished shedding.

The only reason we weren’t sure about vending was that we have so few babies available right now! In the end, we decided that even though our table would be tiny, it would be completely worth it because it would be such a fun weekend. It did look pretty funny though, because we were next to Snakeboy Exotics (we tried googling him, but no dice on a website. If anyone has a link, let us know!), who has a huge, fantastic collection of ball pythons…. and then there was us, with our remaining six babies from 2017, haha! That being said, after selling our Mojave girl, we did get to tell people that we did incredibly well, because we sold 1/6th of our available snakes!

Looking ahead, we hope to have more to offer at our table at the Fall 2018 show! We still have three Black Pastel het. Albino and two het. Albino from 2017, plus more on the way from the 2018 season. We can confirm that one of our girls just had her pre-lay shed, so fingers crossed we’ll have good news about a healthy clutch of eggs in a month!

Thanks so much to the BCRC for putting on such a great show, and a big thank you to everyone who came to our table to chat about ball pythons!