The ball pythons on this page are the family of snakes in our collection. Some are current breeders, and others will be bred in future when they have reached a large enough weight. A few ball pythons on this page are former breeders whose morphs are no longer as efficient to use in projects, so they are now retired and taking it easy! We do not sell our snakes when they are done breeding; First and foremost, they are beloved members of our family.

None of the snakes on this page are for sale, though breeding projects are planned for many of them. For a list of animals that we currently have available, please visit our Available Ball Pythons section.

Base Morphs

We believe that you should never underestimate the beauty of a single gene ball python!


Lilith female

Black Pastel

Finn het Albino male
Rose het Albino female
Xardoz het Pied male
Vader male


Chantel female


Hartfors male
Alice het Clown female

Coral Glow

Apollo het Pied male
Cers-He het Pied male


Baby Dorothy female

Lavender Albino

Buttercup male
Mrs. Bucket het Lavender Albino female


Nymeria female
Crossbreed Priscilla het Genetic Stripe female


Nuala female
Nova Mojave+ female


Oscar male
Petrie het Clown male


Vincent Vinzig male


Ducky female
Lord Asriel male
Magnus het Pied male


Isis female


Solaire male

To be determined…

King Stumpington The First
Yellow Belly OR Gravel male
Queen Ariamis of the Painted World
Yellow Belly OR Gravel female

Learn more about this mystery...

We acquired these three Yellow Belly OR Gravel 2017 clutchmates from Exotic Serpents. It is impossible to tell the difference between a Yellow Belly or Gravel by sight, but interestingly, they are different morphs. The difference isn’t in their appearance, but in what offspring they produce, so the morphs need to be proven out by breeding. Yellow Belly and Gravel are both incomplete dominant genes (colloquially known as co-dominant), so the morph combinations their offspring are indicate what morphs the parents are…

A Yellow Belly bred to a Yellow Belly can lead to the super form of the morph, a stunning white snake with black eyes called Ivory.

A Gravel bred to a Gravel can yield the striking Super Gravel, which is a dark morph with golden markings bordered by deep blacks and chocolate brown blushing.

A Yellow Belly bred to a Gravel can yield the unique Highway Ball, so named for the marks down their back like the markings on a road.

Gravel has a ton of potential breeding possibilities, and Yellow Belly excels at intensifying yellows in most morphs. No matter what the outcome when we prove these snakes out, we’re excited to have one or both morphs in our collection.

June 30th, 2018

Morph Combinations

Part of the excitement of ball python breeding is seeing all the amazing possible morph combinations.

Blue Eyed Leucistic

Ansel BEL (Lesser Mojave) male

Cinnamon Pinstripe Sugar

Ciaran female

Enchi Mojave Pastel

Empress female

M.C. Hisser the Firefly ball python

Firefly (Pastel Fire)

M.C. Hisser male

Fire Woma het Hypo

Fire Woma

Freyja het Hypo female

Highway ball python

Highway (Yellow Belly Gravel)

Prince Engelbert Stumperdink male

Magma (Red Stripe Clown)

TBD! female

Pastel Orange Ghost

Rongo male

Pastel Yellowbelly/Gravel

Queen Serafina female