Empress, our Enchi Pastave female, appears to be gravid! She was paired with Hartfors, our Clown male. Hartfors (right top) is an exemplary Clown with very crisp, clean, elegant markings. Empress (right bottom) had her pre-lay shed on March 3rd and now has the telltale V spine, plus has been laying in a coil in the hot side of her enclosure.

Chantel, our Champagne female, is currently deep in shed. This is very likely a pre-lay shed because maaaaan is she huge and miserable looking! Chantel was paired with Vader (Black Pastel) and Apollo (Coral Glow het Pied). Nuala, our Mojave female, who was paired with Ansel, our BEL, is showing signs of ovulation as well. A full list of all ball pythons currently being paired can be found here!

Our lone egg from our Lavender Albino x Het Lavender Albino clutch is due to hatch in approximately three week as well! Fingers crossed, next month we’ll be updating you with news about a healthy baby python and a new clutch in the incubator from Empress/Hartfors!