Our Upcoming Morphs page has details about all our pairings this fall! We have seen a few good locks so far! Our Enchi Pastave x Clown (Empress x Hartfors) have been paired since September, and we have recently seen some bowl wrapping from Empress! She might just be doing it to get us excited of course… but it’s working! Our Champagne female (Chantel) has been paired with several males and we’ve seen some good locks from a few of them. She has recently become a VORACIOUS eater, so all good signs there too!

We’ve also got our het Lavender x Lavender Albino (Mrs. Bucket x Buttercup) pairing on the go. We have been pairing these two for many years now and have yet to get a clutch, though Buttercup is a proven breeder, so it’s all on Mrs. Bucket at this point! Many, many, many good locks (like, whoaaa you two…) but we won’t get excited until we see any signs of ovulation from Mrs. Bucket.

We just began our other Clown pairing (Alice x Hartfors) and already have seen locks, and we will begin throwing in our Pastel het Clown male soon as well. Our Albino x Black Pastel het Albino (Lilith x Finn) will begin pairing in a few weeks as well!