This update was posted once already over on our Facebook page but we neglected to post it here:

First and foremost we would like to send out a huge thank you to David and Norma Chan of Exotic Serpents who helped get our two remaining baby clowns eating! Said clowns came home last night and we’re really happy to see them again.

Secondly both of our boa boys, Zeus and Hades, have returned from from their breeding program hosted by the folks at Exotics Serpents. Unfortunately Hades struck out with his girlfriend. Zeus, however, was in there like a machine whenever he wasn’t being separated for feeding! Looking forward to what him and his girlfriend may produce.

Last but not least we also came home with a new little Coral Glow het Pied boy who will eventually be paired with our Pied; Ducky.

Pictures of the aforementioned Clowns and Coral Glow will be posted soon.