A new clutch of eggs was laid today! Alice, gave us a clutch with eight eggs total, though five were slugs and one of the good eggs has weak veins. We actually weren’t expecting her to go (she was paired earlier in the season, but as both males had gone off food in late spring, she hadn’t been paired recently) so we’re considering the two good eggs and one questionable egg a bonus! Especially as she never lost her appetite so is only 150g smaller than her weight at start of pairing last year. Alice is one of the first girls we got and is a big ‘ol het Clown. She was paired with Hartfors (Clown) and Petrie (Pastel het Clown) so our fingers are crossed for at least one visual clown ball python from the clutch.

And in fantastic news… Our little Lavender Albino baby, whose aversion to food has been the subject of a few previous news updates, has finally started eating F/T on his own! In an adorable coincidence, someone put a hold on him literally the day before he started eating, so we joked that he was just holding out until he knew he had a home to go to.

Our Fire Woma het Hypo also had a CRAZY ovulation a couple weeks ago! If you have ever wondered what a ball python ovulation looks like, check out the highlight category called Upcoming on our Instagram profile. Picture of her building and soaking lead up to the craziest ovulation we’ve ever seen!