Freyja (Fire Woma het Hypo) and Apollo (Coral Glow het Pied)’s eggs have hatched, and the results are what we hoped for! Among the babies are two Coral Glow Fire Womas, which as far as we know, are the first ball pythons with that combination of genes. One of them is a hold back and is staying with us, but one is available!

The clutch results are as follows. All of these babies are now listed on our available ball pythons page with gender and pricing. All are 50% het Hypo and Pied:
2 Coral Glow Fire Woma (1 being held back)
1 Coral Glow Woma
1 Coral Glow Fire
1 Fire
1 Woma

This clutch hatched on December 21st, and was a great way to end 2019! We hope you had great holidays and a happy new year!

Left is the Coral Glow Woma, and right is one of the Coral Glow Fire Womas. Aside from Fire having a lighter colouration, another difference between the two babies after their first shed is that the Coral Glow Woma has a yellow belly, and the Fire has a white belly.