We got home last weekend from our trip to Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, just in time for our latest clutch of eggs to hatch! This one is a clutch containing a very popular morph (and if you’re into ball pythons, we’re sure you can guess what it is… rhymes with True Spied Juicy!) so before the new babies are on our website, we’ll be notifying our general mailing list and notification list about them. Our mailing list and notification list always hear about new ball pythons first (and thus get first crack at them!) so if there’s a morph you’re interested in, we invite you to sign up!

In other news, our little Lavender Albino baby still isn’t taking food on their own. We’ll never give up on any of our animals though, so we’ve continued the routine of assist feeding (putting a F/T mouse into his mouth and allowing him to swallow) and once a month offering a live mouse. He is slowly putting on weight and is otherwise a great little guy. Many folks at ball-pythons.net were very helpful and encouraging when we felt down and worried about him. One person even said they have had had snakes take a year to eat on their own, so to keep at it! It was very reassuring to hear. If you ever have questions or would like feedback from a group of experienced people about anything related to ball pythons, their forum is an excellent resource.

We also have more eggs due to be laid soon! Fingers crossed that this time next week, when we post the new babies, we’ll also be announcing the arrival of a new clutch!